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Publishers Weekly (STARRED REVIEW!)

The bread-baking Little Red Hen could have used some pals like those of hard-working Rabbit in this sweet-and tummy-tempting-picture book about a bunny and his favorite dish. As soon as spring arrives, Rabbit eagerly plows and plants, laying the groundwork for the orange crop that will become the delicious chief ingredient in the titular soup. After months of watering, weeding and waiting-expertly conveyed in a series of spot illustrations-Rabbit is ready to harvest his delicacy. But upon finding an empty carrot patch, Rabbit goes into a tizzy, asking all his animal friends if they've seen his veggies. While all his buddies feign ignorance, readers know the real story, humorously playing out in the background of Segal's (The Reluctant Dragon) airy and delicately hued watercolors. A frazzled and disappointed Rabbit finally returns home to a tasty surprise-and a cozy house full of friends. The spare text, with its fun repetition and visual story line, invites repeated readings for the very young. Segal's fresh paintings, a mix of sunny landscapes and vignettes, are like a breath of spring. For budding gourmands, a guide to carrot varieties and a carrot soup recipe are included. Ages 3-6. (Mar.) Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

Kirkus Reviews

Rabbit plants his carrot seeds, tends his garden and waits and waits. When harvest time arrives, he finds his garden empty! He angrily asks mole who directs him to dog who directs him to cat who directs him to duck who directs him to pig. Rabbit can't even find pig, and his carrots are still missing. He goes home dejected only to find SURPRISE! His house is full of friends and bowls of carrot soup. Segal's first solo venture is a winner from soup to nuts. His watercolors of a distressed Rabbit and his innocent-acting friends are a perfect extension of the spare text. The ever-growing line of carrot-toting friends inexpertly hiding behind trees on the right hand pages (behind Rabbit's back) will have toddlers giggling and pointing. Perfect for themes of gardening, friendship, parties and food. Rabbit's recipe for carrot soup is included. Delish! (Picture book. 2-5)

Children's Literature - Pat Trattles

It is spring, Rabbit's favorite season. It is time to plant his carrot garden. Rabbit plants, waters, weeds, and tends his garden. He waits and waits and waits. Finally it is time to pick his carrots and make his favorite carrot soup. But there is a problem. With his wheelbarrow and all his tools, rabbit goes to the garden to find—no carrots. Rabbit asks his friends Mole, Dog, Cat, Duck, and Pig in turn if they have seen his carrots, but all claim to know nothing. Sadly Rabbit returns home to discover all of his friends surprising him with piping hot bowls of carrot soup. Rabbit's heartwarming story is told in simple, sparse text and accompanied by whimsical illustrations. Youngsters will delight in watching Rabbit's friends lugging carrots and balloons behind his back as they get ready for the surprise party. A recipe for carrot soup follows the story. It all makes for a delightful book that is sure to please young listeners. 2006, Margaret K. McElderry Books, Ages 3 to 6.